The Clashいい話( ;∀;)

The Clashの”White Man in Hammersmith Palais”のコメント欄に「The Clashいい話」が載っているので以下に引用など。(いま現在、コメント欄「19」の下の方にある)

White Man (In Hammersmith Palais) - The Clash

 I'm lucky enough to have seen the Clash...I wanna share a great memory. Me and a mate had travelled to Manchester and managed to blag in for the soundcheck. As it went only Topper and Paul were rechecking drum and bass sound. Bouncers tried to chuck me and my mate out and Topper jumped over his kit and siad "Leave em alone, they're fuckin with me". I was 15. Same night we ended up backstage, cos now we're Topper's mates, Strummer hands me a Coke can with rum in. Memories forever! ” by TheMARKELA1


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(モニターに映ってるのはThe Smithだけど、あんまり気にしないで(^=^; )